To install BizRunnr:

1. Download NodeJS (recommended version: 0.10.21) and install it.


2. Extract the downloaded file. Then, from the Command Line, go to the BizRunnrCodebase/source folder and run these commands:  

npm config set strict-ssl false
npm install -g sails@0.9.9 
npm install

Note: On systems other than Windows, you might need to use 'sudo' at the beginning of these commands.   

3. Install MySql. Create a database and set appropriate permissions. Populate sample data from the script source/database/db_with_data.sql selecting the database. If you do not want to populate sample data, then simply run the script file source/database/db.sql.


4. Set the database configuration information (given below) in source/config/adapter.js file. 

host: 'xxxxx',
user: 'xxxxx',
password: 'xxxxx',
database: 'xxxxx',


5. Run the BizRunnr server. To do this, go to the BizRunnrCodebase/source folder in the Command Line and run the following command.  

sails lift


 6. Visit ‘localhost:4444’ in your browser.