BizRunnr enables the users to track sales and payments with ease. It shows important business information and generates insightful reports.

Since managing sales and payments is crucial for the success of a business, the dashboard in Biz Runner is designed to show the most important sales and payments information. The user can instantly see top selling items, top customers, top receivables, aging receivables, latest sales, and daily transaction summaries at a glance.

The options are available to configure the application based on the business needs. The user can add item categories, units of measure, payment terms, tax rules and sales representatives. And can manage the lists of items and customers with details. Options are available to define default unit of measure and unit price for every item. And default payment term, tax rule, discount percentage and sales representative person for every customer. 

The application provides unparalleled flexibility when it comes to invoice creation. User can define the pattern based on which invoice IDs are generated. And during invoice creation, the user can modify default unit price and apply item-wise discount and item-wise tax. The user can also give final discount and set the appropriate payment term and sales representative. When it comes to receiving payments, user can take multiple payments against a single invoice. And can make use of the voiding option to handle incorrect entry. 

Finding information is very easy in Biz Runner. Users can search by multiple criteria and can find the needed information in a single click.

Reports with insightful information are also available. The application generates customer ledgers and sales reports based on user-defined criteria. And due to the scalable architecture of the application, new reports can easily be added anytime.

Finally, the option for branding. The user can easily configure Biz Runner to produce branded invoice and reports.